A Letter From Ylann

Introducing The Social Diet®:

Stop telling our kids what do to and start teaching them how to be!


Except from Chapter 1

-A letter from my son with autism.


I care.  I probably care too much but I get results.  I want to share with you a letter I got from my son for Valentine’s Day.  My son’s name is Ylann (Elon) and he is 12 years old with autism.  The letter speaks for itself and is the reason why I have chosen to write this book.  The moment my son handed me this letter and read it, I solidified a vision I always knew was possible.  My son and the work that I do everyday is a testament to all of our families out there who are touched by autism.  I see a dream. I see a dream that can and is to become our new reality!  I see it.  I see it so clearly and it is my quest that to get all of us to see it and live it!  I invite all of us, collectively as the autism community in the broadest sense possible, to see that we are not just here to survive but we are meant to Thrive!

It is my heartfelt wish that all you Mom’s (and Dad’s) out there receive a letter like this.  It is purely from the heart and has and will forever touch me profoundly.  When I read it, the world is good.  I hope I can make your world better too.

“Dear Mom,

In this world love is a fortune.  As a nice, generous Mom you’ve been the best Mom in the world.  For 12 long years you’ve taught me respect and discipline.  For me being in the world, I was different.  I had autism. You’ve been there for me and you’ve not sent me to that autism program that just would not help me.  For 12 years you have the experience of being a great Mom. Mother, I credit you for these things: honesty, trustworthy, deployment as a parent, dealership, great parenting and a great soul.  I love you so much that you have made love for me loving you.  My love is always in your heart everyday and you’ve been there for me.  You have made me, Glen and Yael loving you.  My tears are going to burst out for loving this card.  I will always love you.  Your love is a fortune!

Your son, Ylann Goresko.”

 This book is a culmination to date of my vision that started the day my son got his autism diagnosis.  Actually in reality it started the day the Child Find team here in Colorado uttered the word autism and hit me like a ton of bricks. I saw the makings of “The Social Diet®” begin on that day. Since that day I have worked endlessly on this vision.  “The Social Diet®” offers a new kind of paradigm for Autism Spectrum Disorders- one, in my estimation has never been articulated until now.  But now we are ready for it, and it is ready for us!!!

I invite you to come aboard and take this magnificent journey with me.