Longmont Times Call

Think Outside the Box Coaching launched a series of workshops last weekend with a focus on “Getting Out of Your Own Way.”

The events are hosted by Stacy Goresko,Ph.D., an Inspirational Coach and Speaker who recently began her business in the area.

“These [workshops] are for people who may be accountants but they really wanted to be a chef,” Goresko said, “people who want to do something else with their life — to think outside the box. My biggest joy is getting people to find their own passion. A lot of people are just following along in life, and they may be successful, but what I do is help them find the thing that really brings them joy and help them find their dreams.”

Goresko has a doctorate in verbal and non-verbal human behaviors and is Certified Autism Consultant, something she got before she herself became a parent of an autistic child.
She uses her own experience mixed with formal education to help people get more out of their own lives.

“I’m passionate about human communication and human quality of life,” Goresko said. “I found a way to help families discover how they can really connect to their children despite autism and is currently writing a book about this entitled, “The Social Diet: What every kid on the Spectrum needs and why.” I’m very understanding about what we need as humans to connect to each other, the validation and the need to be heard, these are all very important.”

The inspirational workshops are designed to help others accomplish things they’ve always wanted to do or to simply find a new path in life.

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